AMSJ Blog Series: On Teaching​ in the Time of COVID-19

AMSJ’s editors are seeking contributions for a new blog series, “​On Teaching​ in the Time of COVID-19.”

We look to this unfolding crisis as a flashpoint with the potential to frame how we engage students, educators, colleges and universities, and the various communities within/outside. As this new ​outbreak narrative​ (Wald, 2008) interrupts, redirects, and reconfigures meaning across the globe, we invite scholars and teachers to consider how COVID-19 unsettles on local/global stages as it manifests in and outside of the classroom. How might cultural production and social texts (literature, film, archives, social movements, creative expression) help think through the shifts and turns of the current public health crisis? And how is American studies (and other critical fields) positioned to help students make sense of the moment and point to new ways of imagining different futures? We are especially interested in contributions working at the intersections of race, class, dis/ability, citizenship, gender, sexuality, and/or language–as well as those considering the ways digital technologies and open-source platforms are both crucial and limited as tools for intervening in this discussion.

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