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blog post Commentary Protest Poetics

Indian Migrant Solidarities and Futures

The Indian migrant community is perhaps slowly coming to terms with what I am describing as its ‘complicity,’ thanks in large part to first and second generation Indian-Americans like Rahul Dubey, who sheltered BLM protestors from police violence, and Hassan Minhaj, who in a recent political commentary called out the Indian community for their perpetuation of anti-black racism.

Commentary On Teaching

On Teaching​ in the Time of COVID-19: Narrative Reconstructions and Collective Knowledge

by Ashvin R. Kini
“The brilliant work that my students have produced under such precarious conditions is a reminder of something I thought I already knew but that somehow slipped from my grasp with the physical and social distance necessitated by the Covid-19 crisis: it is only through collective engagement with each other that we might begin the work of narrative reconstruction.”

blog post Commentary On Teaching

On Teaching​ in the Time of COVID-19: COVID Black: Organizing Information on Racial Health Disparities and Living Data

by Faithe Day
“Instead of allowing this time period to become one more archival silence in the record of Black experience, COVID Black does the work of collecting, archiving, and analyzing the digital data and ephemera of this extraordinary moment in our collective history.”